How To Enjoy The Present As A Couple

Carpe diem is a fundamental positive philosophy formula for living better. However, having a happy couple relationship is important to observe life with the perspective that brings light to connect with the here and now.

How to enjoy the present as a couple? We give you the keys to achieve this:

  1. First, schedule an agenda of activities that you would like to share with your partner throughout this week. Avoid making it a rule to plan plans for the future. It is important to use time as a vital resource.
  2. Seek the balance between sharing plans with your partner and your leisure with friends. Both plans are important. You can also integrate your partner into some of your activities with friends.
  3. Demonstrate love for your partner with facts and words so that there is coherence between the theoretical and the practical realm.
  4. What areas of improvement do you think exist in your relationship? What can you do to improve the bond? Invest part of your attention and energy in correcting attitudes that can damage your relationship.
  5. There are romantic plans that you can enjoy as a couple. For example, watch a movie of love in the movies, enjoy an intimate dinner in a restaurant, write a love letter, dance without music, make a surprise gift
  6. Look for spaces for yourself because you should not neglect the relationship you have with yourself by being in a couple. Also cultivate the relationship you have with your family as a vital gift.
  7. What special plans did you frequently share with your partner at the beginning of the relationship? Such plans may be special to revive the spark in dating.
  8. Your work is important but not so much as to get away from those you want. So beware of addiction to work and put limits on labor issues.

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