Types Of Loans

Hard Money Company specializing in these areas of loan.

The Hard Money Company is the lender you need for all types of commercial loans, including commercial real estate loans. Bad credit can be a non-issue with us. We want help you get the hard money you need, when you need. We offer the following types of loans for our borrowers:

Commercial Loans:  Any type of commercial property is acceptable, however, note that rarely make loans on land only.

Inheritance Loans / Trust / Estate: Inheritance trust property or property can commit to financing debts estate, pay attorney fees and / or to purchase the interests of other heirs. Trust as executors, administrators or trustees may borrow on behalf of the estate. All legal requirements estate / probate / administration of trusts and practices appropriate loans strictly Birthday. The Hard Money Company will allow the use of real property that currently rests with an estate or trust to solve many financial problems.

Probate / Trust / estate can take months and sometimes years to complete. The Hard Money Company will provide financial resources to help you through such actions.

Residential Structures: Any whole complex family house, townhouse, condo, apartment or generally acceptable. We can not use that is your primary residence. Occasionally, we have been able to use a primary residence in the strictest of circumstances. Again rarely we finance this type of loan; Please contact us for more information.

Rehab Loans:  We make loans for the sole purpose of rehabilitating the property. Even if you use the house as a rental property or to resell the property. The Hard Money Company will be there to make your loan for you. Hard money rehab loans are easily available for you depending on your credit, your experience, and the address of the property, sometimes we can arrange for you to recoup some of their money as payment through a drainage system to be completed.

Flips: Loans money for properties whose sole purpose is “flipping”. No matter if the house is currently occupied.

Bridge Loans:  Any length of the loan can be considered (from 3 months to 30 years). Real estate or real materials must be pledged as collateral. Credits are not acceptable to our loan terms.

Foreclosures, short sales, REO  distressed properties: usually approved. The Hard Money Company considered individually or massive collateral. If you are buying a property or a hundred properties, we can make the loan in the shortest of deadlines.

Tax Benefits:  You can contact us for more information on these loans.

The Active Materials:  The  Hard Money Company  is able to use computers, cars, boats, bullion, precious stones, jewelry, high end art, collectibles and / or firearms as their financial contribution to a project or convert these types of assets in cash immediately.