Protein Shakes: The Benefits of Protein Powder

Protein shakes are used as a dietary supplement by strength athletes and people who want to lose weight like. The fact has characteristics that are very important for both:

1. Fat Loss
2. Muscle recovery / Muscle building.

The protein in a shake protein is called protein or whey protein powder. It is made by during the process in order to change to the cheese milk to separate the whey protein. It is one of the best sources of protein that exists. It has the highest value of branched-chain amino acids, which support muscle tissue. There continuous research is being done on the health benefits of whey protein. And the results of the studies are very positive. But people still have the question in their mind does whey protein work? The answer is yes. Several studies have shown that with protein shakes with whey:

• fat loss and muscle preservation
• have less hunger
• muscle recovery and muscle building promotes sports
• increases the resistance
• you better deal with stress

Fat Loss And Maintaining Muscle

For anyone who wants to lose weight this is obviously the best feature of a protein shake. When you follow a diet where you consume fewer calories you will lose more fat and lose less muscle if you thereby take protein shakes.

According to a scientific study of the Minnesota Applied Research Center. The institute conducted a survey in which people were given a diet where they 500 kcal less than their daily calorie requirement ate. Within the test group, everyone got a shake. Some people got a protein shake and rest a calorie-neutral shake. The people’s protein shake got lost 6.1% more fat than the other subjects! These subjects had better maintain their muscle mass.

The investigation thus clearly indicates that a protein shake stimulates fat loss and preserves muscle! A perfect plea to lose fat.

Less Hunger By Protein Shakes

Protein shakes can also help you to feel hungry. This is because a protein shake (almost) only consists of proteins and proteins saturate very well. This is because your body needs a lot of time and energy to process proteins. Therefore you satisfied for a longer time.

This is supported by an Australian study. This study showed that people who received protein shakes during the study period had lower levels of ghrelin (ghrelin is a hormone that transmits to your brains you’re hungry).

So by regularly consuming protein shakes to still your hunger away longer!

Muscle Regeneration And Muscle Building

Protein shakes also work very well for muscle recovery and muscle building athletes. When you restore an hour before exercise and immediately after exercise than taking a protein shake and develop the muscles better. You do not have to worry that by protein shakes will look like a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders eat to develop these muscles up to 5000 kcal (yes five thousand!) Per day. It sports they also several times a week.

Deal With Stress

Protein shakes can help you better cope with stress. It may sound strange but it appears that whey stimulates the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a substance responsible for your mood. This is evident from a study that was carried out in the Netherlands. In this study, the subjects underwent stress. Subjects who consumed whey during this period had fewer symptoms of depression and were in an overall better mood.

Strengthens The Immune System

Several studies show that also whey has resistance-enhancing properties. Especially in people who do long cardio sessions can support the whey in a protein shake resistance. By doing (long) walk cardiovascular risk of reduced glutathione levels and thus reduced resistance. By consuming whey you can make sure that the glutathione levels (and resistance) are maintained.

Which Protein Shake Is Best?

Protein shakes are basically divided into two types. The difference of the two types is in the purity of the protein. You whey concentrate, which is usually between 50 – contains 80% protein. And you whey isolate which is usually around 87 – contains 98% protein. Whey isolate thus contains the highest percentage of protein and (almost) no carbohydrates or fat more. Thereby isolate is almost always the best protein powder for weight loss. The only downside is that natural isolate is more expensive than concentrate. But for the slightly more expensive price you’ve got a much better product. A very good protein isolate product are whey isolate. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers who add aspartame instance to a product to the shake a sweeter taste. Therefore, always check the ingredients to check that there are no strange additives in it. For people who are allergic to lactose is an isolate always the best choice. Namely, isolate contains almost no lactose, Concentrate usually.

Buy Protein Shakes

If you want to buy protein shakes you must, therefore, pay attention to the protein: is composed of pure proteins, so (almost) no carbohydrate or fat; contains no nasty additives like aspartame; choose “isolate” and not “concentrate” whey.