Five Tips To Win Followers On Instagram

Whether we manage the page of a brand or we are terribly vain, obtaining followers in Instagram is a science that we can perfect following a series of basic tips. Although most of them are based on common sense, there are some good habits to speed up the process. Here are five tips that encompass most factors to consider.

Publish Interesting Content (Of Course!)

Before recourse to more specialized practices, it is necessary to emphasize the obvious. Instagram is an eminently visual network, so we must care in detail for everything that goes through the eyes. We are in the empire of the kittens, the spongy clouds and the canvas slippers perched on a beach of fine sand. Let’s be consistent with the objective we are looking for when uploading images and let us decide on a specific path.

Uses Hashtags

Instagram has inherited the intensive use of hashtags to organize its huge amounts of images and to make consistent searches for content. Do not know yet what these data labels are preceded by a pad? In this article we explain it to you .

If we want an image that we upload to reach many more users beyond our followers, we just have to put some hashtags in the field of description and make reference to the photograph in question.

Interact With Other Users

Runs with common sense. If we are dealing with a social network, it is normal that the interaction between users is bidirectional. Although we can publicize simply making publications, if we create strings of “extra” communication with others, the process will be much faster.

Doing like or commenting on other people’s publications will make our profile visible to people who would otherwise be difficult to access. What we must be careful of is the farm effect of followers. The negative effects of “follow me and follow you” on Twitter are known by everyone: need to use external management programs to read our timeline and a sense of artifice that can even scare many. Careful with that!

Share On Social Networks

If we have a sufficiently visible profile in other social networks we can always take advantage of the followers that we have in these to attract them to Instagram. Specifically, we can link our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flicker accounts .

Use External Tools

There are many external tools to add functionality to Instagram, but we will focus on the two features that most require its users. If we want to have a statistical tool to analyze our statistics and growth in the social network, we can use a browser tool that we can associate with our account.

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