Although induction cooker does not heat a parental not a luxury; children achieve things you never thought possible. The child safety or child protection switching on an induction cook top means that the induction cooker on only when the proper key for a button is pressed, it is a fairly simple way to unintentional power to prevent the induction hob (by small curious little hands). The vast majority induction cookers have built such a security standard.


An induction cooker having touch control has no moving parts on the cooking surface, but only a flat plate, wherein the operator works through contact of the right areas. There are no real controls in the classic look drone must be pressed or turned slightly; by touching an area on the plate will provide the cooking zone active, is more heat or goes out again. In addition to a flat touch screen on which light is to be printed, there are also systems in which a virtual slide can be operated with a finger motion on the plate. So fingertip works for feeling like a smartphone and has the great advantage that the cook top is completely flat, ridges, borders and buttons. Therefore, it is very simple to make the plate easy cleaning; One of the great benefits of induction cooking.


The ability of an induction hob does not indicate the costs you incur in the use, after all, if you need to bring a pot of water to a boil then requires a certain amount of energy to do this, the induction cooker provides much power in the zone then the water is boiling, rather than as it provides little power, but the total power that has to be supplied in order to allow the water to boil is the same. The ability of a cooking zone is indicated in Watts. When gas hobs, we see that a good wok 5 kilowatts (kW), 50% is used effectively. An induction cooking zone of 2.6 kW displays, because the efficiency of an induction hob is 95%, more heat than a 5kW gas cooker. A cooking zone of 2.6 kW on an induction cooker is in effective power is equal to a 5 kW wok brander on a gas stove. We see the large induction hob with five cooking zones a connected load of 10 800 watts, which means it could make any hotplate 2160 watts (2.1 kW) (if they are all the same size), it is therefore equal to more than 4 kW to power a gas burner on a gas stove: ability that you’ll probably never use.


A power boost function can also be called by some other brands, but the bottom line is that there is more energy to the cooking zone whereby the pan is still hot faster. When boiling water is slowly warming unnecessary, and if you need fast boiling water over the power boost saves time. An additional quick way of so heating and induction is already very fast.

This is an option that is not available at any induction cooker, and you may be wondering how such an important function for your way of cooking.


An induction stove runs on electricity, so there is a cord with a plug. Because there are large amounts of power to be used in the induction cooking the larger induction hobs are fitted with a so-called Perilex plug. This is not a standard 2-pin plug as we know only a 5-pin connector used for connecting power devices, in the case of induction hobs it is usually a Perilex plug 16 amps. If you want no Perilex¬†agglutinating make in your kitchen then choose an induction hob with a ‘normal’ two-pin connection (often smaller plates), if you want a medium or large induction cooker use than a Perilex connection necessary and then automatically choose a stove with Perilex connection. Read more about Perilex connections.


A cooking zone on an induction cook top is the place in which a pan can be heated. A large cooking zone is capable of heating a large saucepan, and also has a small pan when the cooking pan detection zone, the cooking zone then adjusts itself to the dimensions of the pan. If you go with large pots and pans cooks, keep in mind that the induction hob cooking zones which is as large or larger than the diameter of your largest pan. Is a cooking area as big as your pan, the pan can be optimally heated and is cooking as soon as possible. There are induction hobs with verifiable cooking zones where you can place the pan in different places on the induction cooker, this is useful if you want to scroll can do with your pan and use a flexible layout of the hob. It is therefore possible to have multiple (lower) pans to set up one cooking zone, this is also a big advantage compared to cooking gas. It can also get pretty bothered by deposits over time cookware with ceramic non-stick coating. The soil becomes dull and pan to bake faster. This is again easy to clean without damaging the nonstick coating. If you want to buy the nonstick cookware, but confused about how to buy the best ceramic nonstick cookware, then read the buying guide of cookware sets online.