What Are The Properties Of Green Coffee To Lose Weight?

For those who do not know, green coffee is a product with antioxidant properties. It is rich in vitamins and other beneficial molecules for health. But, mainly, it is known for its slimming benefits. Usually we consume roasted coffee, green is a variety that has become known in recent years and increasingly devastates by its ability to accelerate cellular metabolism.

While the usual coffee is produced with previously roasted seeds, the grain of this type of coffee is not toasted. The innovation is mainly in the absence of roasting. Because of this, the aroma is less intense and the taste is more bitter than it has been through the roasting of its grains or seeds. In this article, we will explain in detail all the properties of green coffee to lose weight , its contraindications, side effects, how to take it and where to buy the extract.

Properties And Benefits Of Green Coffee To Lose Weight

Much scientific research on green coffee has been carried out. The first conclusion they get is that their most important active ingredient is chlorogenic acid . This molecule is good for weight loss, controlling diabetes or even preventing cardiovascular disease, say some researchers. Other benefits of these grains will be found in the following list.

Accelerates Metabolism

It is a metabolism accelerator. Green coffee increases the rate of metabolic expenditure (catabolism) by the action of chlorogenic acid (or caffeic acid ). Also, it does not allow the accumulation of glucose in blood. In this way, it causes the mobilization of stored fats in the body, which will “burn” and allow to lose weight. It is a way to deceive the body, since in fact the liver does contain glycogen. During consumption of these grains, the main source of energy will not be sugars but lipids . It is similar to what happens with green tea, thermogenesis.

Increased Satiety: Ideal For Losing Weight

A key factor in people who want to lose weight is to eat exactly what you need. The society of developed countries is overfed and, as a consequence, one of the most dangerous diseases is overweight. Green coffee increases the sensation of satiety. Apparently, those responsible for this property are phenols, the same chlorogenic acid, as it raises GLP1 levels, a peptide in the intestines. GLP1, or glucagon-like peptide 1 , is a hormone secreted primarily by the L cells present in the intestine. One of its functions is that it causes a feeling of satiety and you will have less desire to eat.

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