The 10 Best Word Games For The Mobile

This type of games for the smartphone serve to hang out, improve vocabulary and even learn and practice new languages

Games for the mobile there are many types and for all tastes. And since it seems that most users do not separate from their phone or during summer vacations (up to 83% consider it essential and prioritizes it in the suitcase before the toothbrush, according to the study Asus “Technology and summer In Spain “), it is convenient to be aware of the innovations of the sector. Whatever the preferred genre, the smartphone gaming market features new titles frequently. Who has not yet tested the Hacks Pixel Gun 3D ? But there are also some classics that never go out of style, like versions of table games, words or letters, And that can easily become a simple and yet addictive entertainment for the summer holidays. This article reviews some of the funniest word games for mobile, with which to have a fun time and, incidentally, improve vocabulary .

Why Word Games?

Mobile word games are not only an entertaining alternative when you have a free time, but can also contribute to improving the vocabulary in the mother tongue and, if they have support for other languages , to acquire more skill in the management of A second language , such as English.

It has been shown on numerous occasions that play is an excellent vehicle for learning, and this need not be limited to childhood. Any age is good for further learning , and technology can be a great ally for it.

Top 10 Mobile Word Games

  1. Apalabrados. This title is a classic among mobile word games. Its design and performance imitate the popular board game Scrabble , where you have to form words in turns with the letters you have. You can play against friends or against randomly selected opponents from all over the world. It is available for iPhone and Android mobiles .
  2. Words with Friends. This game is another great classic. Like the previous one, it is a version of Scrabble for smartphone, in which the player must construct words with the letters that are assigned to him. You can play in multiple languages ​​and do it against friends or opponents randomly selected. It is available for download on iPhone and Android phones .
  3. Wordfeud. This other adaptation of the classic Scrabble to the mobile challenges the player to form as many words as he can in a 15×15 board, playing against a friend or opponent chosen at random by Wordfeud himself. It can play in several languages ​​and participate in up to 30 simultaneous games . It is available for iPhone , Windows Phone and Android phones .
  4. Ruzzle. The goal in this game is to find the words hidden in a board of mixed letters. But the thing is not there: you can also send challenges to players and take part in weekly tournaments . In addition, the game keeps track of progress and, as levels are exceeded, different rewards are obtained. It can be downloaded on iPhone and on Android phones .
  5. Wordbase. This title is a mixture of pun and strategy. In it you have to form words, but at the same time you have to reach the “base” of the opponent and cut their possible movements. That is, you have to have good vocabulary and also follow a strategy similar to that of chess or checkers . It can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones .
  6. Word Academy. This fun game challenges the user to find hidden words on a board full of mixed letters. Do not be fooled by the ease of the first levels, as the game becomes more complicated as you progress. It is available for iPhone and for Android mobiles .
  7. AlphaBetty Saga. King is mostly known for Candy Crush, but he also has word games like this. Here the goal is not to accumulate candy, but to find words in a kind of soup of letters to make it disappear from the board. As in all King games, there are various aids that can be bought with real money. It is available for iPhone and Android phones . You can also play online .
  8. WordBrain. Similar to Word Academy, it challenges the player to construct words with the letters distributed on a board. It includes almost 600 levels of increasing difficulty , which must also be resolved in the correct order. The game is available in 15 languages , so it is perfect for practicing vocabulary in any language you are studying. It’s available for download on iPhone and Android phones .
  9. Wordament. This game developed by Microsoft takes the concept of the letter board where words have to be formed, and transforms it into a real-time competition where several players compete simultaneously. There are several game modes available, with multi-letter tiles, quick rounds, themed words and more. It can be downloaded on iPhone , Windows Phone and Android phones .
  10. Snap Attack. Thinking like the continuation of the previous one, this other title of Microsoft challenges to players of the world to compete in fast games of two minutes and a half , trying to construct as many words as they can in a board: in words longer, greater punctuation. It is available for iPhone , Windows Phone and Android phones .