Choosing And Buying A Folding Bike

Choosing a folding bike is based on criteria that may be different from one person to another. While some place the bulkiness of the bicycle first when folded, for others the weight or ease of folding will be preferred. What fold up bike brands are best

The Bicycle Folding System

This point is particularly important and contributes to the success of Brampton whose patented system is certainly one of the best on the market.

What fold up bike brands are best? Virtually every brand has its own unique patented folding system.

Some are nevertheless easier and quicker than others. Also be sure to check whether or not the folding requires you to re-adjust your position on the bicycle after each folding (handlebar height, seat …)

The Weight Of The Folding Bike

A folding bike is not a very light bike, its weight can vary from 8 to 13 kg. The materials used influence their weight and price: Entry frames are generally made of steel and the upper models are in aluminum or titanium according to the brands.
In use, light bikes are often more fragile, moreover, to use the transport with a bike of more than 13kg can be uncomfortable.

The Bulk Of The Bicycle Folded

If most folding bikes can be transported in SNCF trains or in conventional public transport, it is better to check their size when it comes to boat, plane or camping.

On this criterion, the Bromptons are still in the lead.

The Size Of The Wheels

The larger the size of the wheels, the more comfortable the bike will be. If the choice of a folding bike is not restricted (for a boat, an airplane or a trunk), do not hesitate to opt for 18 or 20 wheels rather than wheels of 16 Your bike is more comfortable on deteriorated roads or on the cobblestones of city centers. Once the bike folded, the gap between wheels of 16 and 20 is not really not huge.

Comfort, Transmission And Gearshift

The comfort of using your folding bike will depend on its ability to ride on any type of terrain. If the size of the wheels makes it possible, as we have seen, to get rid of the quality of the coating some what, the presence of speed is essential to be able to ride on rough terrain. The more speed you can take (development) the more you will be able to ride on different profile fields.


The Brampton with the possibility of putting a double derailleur before can even climb the passes of the tour. If you always make the same type of journey (home-work) on flat ground, 3 speeds can suffice.

6 speeds seem to be a good compromise that will allow your bike to ride in many situations.
Some bikes have built-in hubs. They are heavier and complex to maintain, but they allow to change gears at standstill.

Strida And Bellies

Some like the stunning Strida work with a belt as a transmission to replace the chain, which avoids the inconvenience associated with grease (pants and stained hands) but deprives of derailleur and thus confines the bike to a very urban use on flat ground .

Options And Customization

While some options are as much personalization ( brooks handles or very trendy saddles ) as comfort, others prove to be real criteria of choice such as the wheels that make it possible to easily push the folded bike or the possibility to adapt Luggage accessories.