How To Avoid Scams On Online Dating Sites?

Security is a fundamental aspect that should be provided by sites specialized in online dating, so that its members can enjoy the fact of looking for a partner, meeting friends or establishing contacts with foreigners on the Internet. The main drawback of free dating sites are scammers and unscrupulous people who are always on the prowl, trying to gain benefits from portal members. This is why it is important to be aware, to avoid by all means, to be victims of some kind of deception.

Security In Tus Citas Online, A Free Online Dating Portal

Tus Citas Online constantly monitors the smooth functioning of the portal and works daily to prevent spam and scammers. In addition, you always have the option to “report” Tus Citas Online¬†to some users who seem suspicious, or some photographs that you consider inappropriate or offensive.

At we check the profiles of new members of our site to find partners on a daily basis and eliminate those we consider fraudulent or unreliable. We have also posted some of the most important tips for having safe online dating, which we update often with news.

Moreover, in this blog we try to write regularly about this and other issues related to security in sites to find partners, to guarantee our users a reliable service and that they can recommend to their friends and acquaintances.

The Tricks That Scammers Use At Online Dating Sites

Generally these malicious users come from African countries, in the case of Tus Citas Online, mostly from Ghana, but of course in their profiles rarely specify that their country of origin is that. These people have a very clear and predictable way of operating, so if you are a little informed it is very difficult that you will be a victim of their deceptions.

First they send a personal message, most of the time in bad Spanish (can be clearly read that it is translated with an online translator). In this message are presented, add some other data and finally leave a personal email for you to write and so they can send you a photograph. Of course, if you respond to your private email, after a while you will be asked to help them solve a problem, for which you must transfer money to a bank account.

Another type of personal message they usually send is where they detail that they have a certain amount of money they received from an inheritance (usually a very high sum) in a bank in their country and that they cannot withdraw it because they do not have the money to start with procedures. That is why they ask you to transfer money so that they can do these procedures and when they withdraw “the big booty” from the bank will send you a sum higher than those you offered.

Another technique although not so popular is to ask money from the couple they met on the internet, to go visit them to their country.

In conclusion, never respond to people who send you a personal email address in the first message and always be wary of delivering your personal information to a person you met on an online dating site.